People often remark, "What's that buzzing noise?" In most cases, some electrically powered device such as a fan, computer, refrigerator, or fluorescent light is the culprit. The sound of their motors is often distracting, annoying, and perturbing to people who would rather not hear it. For those who succeed in tuning it out, it becomes an environmental aura which is barely even acknowledged. In both cases, it is classified as a noise. The din of a vibrating mechanism is not valued. It is the result of a function, a means to an end. It is the application of an electrically powered machine that gives it its value. What use is a typewriter that cannot function? What use is a refrigerator with holes in it? The only functioning element is the vibrating motor inside; it continues to vibrate as long as it has power. It continues to sound. But what if we value this sound. If we do not consider it noise, if we focus on it as intently as do a piece of music or art?

Each electrically powered piece of machinery will produce unique resultant sounds. These sounds are the result of many factors, most of which, were not the direct result of the intentions of a creative artist. Events such as corrosion, wear and tear, as well as human negligence or accidents shaped these machines and made them special. Their "lives" speak of a series of unplanned events which inevitably led them to the scrap yard. These events give them character. Much like a human artist, these events finds resonance in a medium which acts as a conduit between experience and expression. My desire is to allow these artist-machines to express themselves.

There are parallels between musical instruments and the spinning of a motor. Both rely upon oscillations to create frequency patterns. Once we accept the machine as a musical instrument-artist we can sit back and listen to them as we would to any sort of musician. The overtones created by the machines as well as their relationships to each other are infinitely complex and ever changing by slight degrees depending on time, environmental acoustics, electrical power fluctuations, and other random factors. The pulsating rhythms and unusual ambient sounds create rich, textured music. These subtleties and surprises are where the greatest interest lies. The deeper you listen, the more you will discover.

- Jeff Myers

Day 1 : dehumidifier, aquarium pump, typewriter, refrigerator
Day 2: dehumidifier, aquarium pump, humidifier
Day 4: dehumidifier
Day 3: PC, XBOX
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